Is the TLM a better liturgy than the Novo Ordo?

I have noticed that many converts, especially young ones, are very interested in the “Traditional mass” (=as before the 1970s). I’m not really sure why this is. I love the way the mass used to be celebrated. It is a connection through time to other Catholics. I can be close to persons from the past, because I know they have experienced the same as I in such a liturgy. But sometimes, people start to put these two ways of celebrating mass against each other.

I mean changes is a part of life and the Catholic Church is in constant change as well as it always have been true and rock solid at heart. Liturgies have changed. Pope Benedict has time and time again pointed out the importance of the traditional Latin mass but not as a divider within the church. I believe there is a reason that the pope refers to the Tridentine rite and the Novo Ordo as being different forms of the same rite: The ordinary and the extraordinary. Most people I know who visits the extraordinary form  does so  without having lost the love to the ordinary form, but when young traditionalists, (often converts just like me) believe there view is somehow more correct than other peoples view: I get worried.

Fulton J. Sheen commenting a Solemn High Mass in 1941

When I visit mass I do not wish it to be a statement about being a Traditional Catholic from the 1980’s, an Old Catholic from the 1880’s, or a Lutheran trying to preserve a more ancient form of celebrating mass from the 1580’s. When I go to mass I only wish to be a part of the Catholic Church. Through time and space.

You know, I’m very far from being interested in the Charismatic movement but this is like the Charismatics tried to make their way of worship the only acceptable, which – most of them- don’t. I hope the Traditionalists can learn something about being humble, from the Charismatics. Friends I’ve met, both in real life and on the web (e.g. one blogger on my blog roll) have taught me respect towards their movement by being persons with respect and humbleness toward others. Why is this not the case with young traditionalists I have met? Why do they seem to be so preoccupied with trying to teach us things, instead of trying to learn from life? Is it merely because they are young or has it it’s causes in the Traditionalistic movement?

I deeply believe we all need to be humble. Traditional, charismatic or just plain ordinary… There is enough room for all of us.

And what do you think? Is the TLM a better or fuller liturgy than the Novo Ordo?


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