I think it’s great when young people are considering becoming Catholic. This young man is from north of Stockholm and have three blogs. I promised him to put up links to them here:

In English:

In Swedish:

And I who find it hard to keep one blog up… 😉


but currently resided in the UK, comes this interesting blog about the Iraqi Christians. Please don’t forget to pray for all the modern martyrs in the middle East as well as in China and other places around the world.

And by the way: Do you know why there is the letter I, in sin or what the twelve promises of the sacred heart was?

Check out this blog : The dream of a voyage to peace.


La Strada by Fellini

I’ve been tagged by Ginny for another meme: Fav movies and 21 words that describe me.

The interesting thing about meme’s is that you get to know peculiar things about your friends and you get to know them a little better. So it is much more interesting to read meme’s by people you already know. If Orvar Smussenhyssen likes to read Jackie Collins or not, is only interesting if you know who he is. So when it comes to tagging friends for memes one should tag people who everybody knows, but before anyone else tagged them.

I found such a blogger.

Then of course it’s important to show off how many friends you have that nobody else knows, but you know are very likeable. This is a tricky part, because those who read your blog tends to get to know each another. And those of your friends who doesn’t read your blog, will probably never know they’ve been tagged.

Well I found a blogger who doesn’t read my blog but still responded to my tag!

And then it is also important not to forget anybody. I know of at least one poor woman who is just dying to get to mention her favorite books, but no one tags her. Imagine the agony this poor woman has to cope!!!!

Here are ten of my fav movies. Listed in no order:

1. Life of Brian by Monty Python. If I weren’t Christian I would have been a Brianic
2. The Meaning of life by Monty Python, because the wonderful scene with a lot of catholic kids singing. 🙂
3. La strada by Fellini
4. Intervista (and almost all other films by Fellini)
5. Rocky by Stallone. (Cause he’s so cool)
6. The African queen, by Huston
7. Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky.
8 The Passion of Christ, by Gibson
9. Romantic Comedies. They are all good on certain occasions.
10 …. Ok. I got a good but very short memory. I can’t remember any more titles right now. Sorry.

And 21 words (“&” doesn’t count as a word, does it?) that describes me:

More kind & considerate than I appear in real life. Doesn’t dwell. Chooses my own way, even if others chose the same.

So after much consideration here are the perfect tags: I tag Gypsy (and if she want’s this is a tag for the book meme as well: Gypsy#2) 😉 And then my good friend Leah, who was so kind to respond on the last meme.

Now I have to return to my studies. I have a big exam on Saturday. 😦

The Good Soldier Švejk

The Good Soldier Švejk

Well I have been tagged by Paula for some book recommendations. There was some really interesting literature there. I mostly appreciate litterature that makes the most of the language. Sadly this means that most of it can’t really be translated to other language’s. Well, here is my attempt, anyhow:

Three non-fiction books everyone should read:
The faith explained, by Leo J Trese A wonderful book, with extensive, in depth, explanations of the Catholic faith. It explain in a very pedagogic manner topics such as Grace, the Trinity, the Creation and so on and so forth. The Nineteenth century Sonnet by Joseph Phelan A detailed account of the revival of the sonnet during the Victorian epoch. Scholasticism by Josef Pieper A great introduction for us that do not know to much about the Scholastic thinkers.

Three works of fiction that everyone should read:
Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins Because they are divine. The Christmas Oratorio by Göran Tunström A good reading tip for those interested in Sweden. A very poetic book. The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek Because it makes you smile.

Three authors everyone should read:
August Strindberg. His prose is as interesting as his plays. The book black banners is a settlement with the cultural elite of his time, but it works just as fine today. Franz Kafka. Because even despair can be funny. Gunnar Björlin Well you would have to learn Swedish to read this author – but it’s totally worth it! 😉

Three books that nobody should read:
There are to many of them, but Sara Lidman, a famous Swedish author once gave me this tip on how to determine if you should read a book or not: Open the book in three places and read three lines at each place. Two out of three got to be interesting if the book should be worth the effort. – Than she picked up her then latest book, the stone of Nabot, and tried it. First she didn’t pass it, and then she gave her a second chance and passed the test.

So I tag the following bloggers, if you do find the time that is: Marie and Ginny, Leah, Therese, Zach, and all the ladies at dcf ladies blogring

I’m supposed to be really high tech, I know things and stuff about ubiquitous computing, about transfer protocols and computer and software standards…

But I’m still puzzled by the simplest things, like making friends all over the world from just the push of a button and a common faith. I can talk to people in Australia, US, Europe, Asia.

Isn’t that really strange?

I can sit here in my rented apartment in Gubbängen outside of Stockholm and write this and people thousands of miles away can see it. In a matter of seconds.

I have never traveled a lot, the few times I did I’m just overwhelmed by the fact that all these people doesn’t live in Sweden. They don’t even speak Swedish.

On a Catholic forum I’m a member of (DCF) there’s this young Australian girl, who write long posts in English. When I was at her age all I could say was: “A cat, a dog, a lot of birds” (but I could say that phrase really really well -I even knew what most of it meant.)

I know it’s silly. I know that of course she can speak English because that is her language. I know most people in the world are brought up in a different culture than I was. I know living in Texas isn’t that exotic if you were raised there. But still, I’m such a child, it amazes me.

Now with the Internet and all, I meet people each and every day. My last acquaintance is a woman, Paula, from Germany (She speaks German!!! You know, they do that in Germany, amazing) who kindly welcomed me to the blog community. She has two blogs (in English) here at, an important blog about the Victims of the Romanian Gulag. Please pray for all of those who suffered from the communist regime and especially those who died.

Her other blog is a very poetic one with beautiful pictures. It’s called Receiving Light. Pay a visit, you will like it.

I’m not sure how I will profile myself, here in the virtual world. IRL I try to shave regularly and wear clean clothes. When I’m out with people I’m trying not to talk to loud. I’ll adjust to the present situation, like almost everybody else. It’s so much more complicated with digital profiling. Both the people from history as well as those from future sees it. People meet me, that I don’t really meet.

My first attempt at profiling myself on the Internet was some ten years ago. I made a homepage. My only problem was that I hadn’t got the slightest idea to why I did it, I didn’t feel that I had something to say. So I made a homepage that consisted of different backgrounds… With kind of blurred, deep blue and red, colors. And nothing more.

I think it’s still out there in Cyberspace somewhere, Don’t know where though. It’s probably not indexed as the search engines got nothing to index, on it. I forgot the address too.

Web site
A couple of years ago I was as a webmaster for a non-profit organization. It took care of what to write about: Annual reports, advirtisments for the different activitys we arranged, on-line tutorials, etcetera. The problem this time was the opposite than before. I couldn’t write what I wanted to write, my interests was not all within the organizational span,

I was more and more picking up my old interest in literature and wanted to write about that too. I started to write about it in the Swedish Wikipedia, but I have never been very fond of encyclopedias, even when it is scholars writing them… And I spent too much time getting upset over articles, so I decided to give it up. I’m not that interested in debating anyhow. When my religious pondering became more and more important Wikipedia had definitely lost all its interest to me.

Homepage again
So about three years ago I made a site about my efforts in translating a poet into Swedish, after awhile it grew to be a site about Gerard Manley Hopkins. I also made a personal homepage that told a little about myself and my studies at the Department of Computer and system science.

But my interests kept evolving and scatter, as interests often do and the homepage concept didn’t work well with change. I find Websites works well if its subjects are deep rather then broad, static, or at least slowly changing, rather than dynamic. I like poking with the text, and letting it evolve over time, but posting about a new subject once a week, would have made my homepage a hodgepodge.

Some time ago I found that blogging is actually a great way for me to be both shallow and (pretending) to be deep. And changing topics wasn’t really an issue here, rather the opposite. Here I can write whatever comes to mind. No matter what topic it is that has caught my interest.

I started blogging some time ago at a blog at my University. It’s kind of nice to have a context and to know that some of those who read my blog is people I also will meet in real life. However, I’m not so pleased with some of the technical sides of that blog, and at the moment I can’t even create new posts, so I started to look around for another Blog solution. My university blog was kind of nice looking, but you couldn’t personalize it enough. I don’t like the look on Blogger (and what’s that blue and orange thing they got over there. Does anyone actually like those colors combined?

Finally I arrived here. I find that Worldpress have some nice features as well as a great look. Perhaps when I’m rich and famous I even pay the few dollars for accessing the style sheets.

This will probably be my main site in the future, with links to my other projects. I’m thinking of keeping my University blog though, but start writing in Swedish there instead and keep this one in English. It’s a good way to practice my translation skills as well. I don’t seem to get the time to write on my Hopkins page, but perhaps I can instead write posts about him here. And then of course Catholic pondering, thoughts on my studies, my view upon art etcetera.


And whatever the future have in store.