I got an office earlier this week. I’ve never had one before. I remember when I was a kid and visited my grandmothers office and she let me play with all the office accessories. I loved visiting her at her work. She was such a lovely lady. Now I have an office of my own! Or almost on my own. I’m sharing it with E. And I’m like a little kid again, with staplers and binders.

E who knows that I am Catholic asked me, rather jokingly, where I would place the altar. Well, I took him on his word and later that day I went to my Catholic bookstore and bought a small Madonna figurine. I choosed a crowned one so noone would have any doubts about exactly which religion I adhere too. I got an Catholic calender too.

There are very few Catholics in Sweden and even though it started as some form of joke perhaps the little Madonna will lead people to ask questions or talk about her.