Kids are too cute 🙂

I went to the University as usual this morning and there was this school class getting on the train. I guess they were seven, maybe eight year olds. I was sitting reading when one young girl couldn’t help herself from informing me that she had skates in her bag.

– Great so you are going skating then?
– No, I will not!!! She replied.
– ???
– She fell last time we where skating, her friend explained.
– Yeah, I brought the skates if I should change my mind. But I won’t change my mind, the first girl said.
– Yeah she won’t, the other girl said.
– Yeah. I won’t. I hurt my tooth.
– Yeah.
– Yeah.

The girl gave me a big smile and I saw that one of her front teeth was half cut of, I supposed it happened when she fell. I said I felt sorry for her, but perhaps she could try to skate anyway. She insisted she wouldn’t. The other girl wanted some time in the spotlight too, and said that she had lost a tooth too.

– Look, she said.

I looked at her missing tooth and said I couldn’t see it. She seemed very proud. We went on discussing teeth awhile, then one of the girls asked me, right out of the blue:

– Do you know something about homeless people? They don’t have any toys, you know. If they have children their children have toys, but themselves … Homeless people have no toys.

She lowered her voice:
– That is no toys at all.


The borders of these kids empathy was not the lack of love, merely their understanding of the world. Who am I to say I understand this world? I really don’t. Who am I not to learn from these kids: – The borders of my compassion suddenly seemed far to mature and judgmental.