Hi y’all. It’s been awhile since my last post. I had to take a break from writing and kind of think about where I was heading, or at least trying to catch up with myself. Well we all have our ups and downs so here’s a story on the upside:

In my building block we have a common laundry room. I lost my keys to this and all other common spaces of our block and I wasn’t able to get into the cellar and foremost I couldn’t wash me and my sons clothes. After about a week me and my son constantly overdressed, since we only had white shirts and costumes clean after awhile. Well, we looked really sharp there for awhile:

How my son and I dressed when
we went out to buy milk

About that time I Understood that I had to do something. I had really a lot of work and hadn’t time to do a thorough search but I still decided to ask St Anthony to intercede for me. I told my brother (who is living with me for the moment) and my son that I had done this… They are not catholics and of course thought it was a bit fun.

My brother even tried to tease me (in a friendly way) a little about it. He asked if Anthony had found the keys for me. I answered that St. Anthony only can help me finding the keys, he wont come and hand them over to me. I have to put at least some effort in finding them myself, then perhaps he will guide me a little…

After that being said, I turned around opened the cupboard where the keys where supposed to be – And there they lied openly for everyone to see!!!


Now I know I have looked in the cupboard before, not once but several times. Even my brother had checked this place twice.

I mean everybody in the household knows about the missing keys and have been aware of them. No one had seen them there before, because they where not there:

– But they where now!

I have had divine help before, but never have a Saint interceded so almost embarrassing obviously. Saint Anthony, you.re awesome! No wonder you’re one of our most loved saints, all times.

Saint Antonio
Pray for us, blessed Anthony, that we may
be made worthy of the promises of Christ.