August 2007

I haven’t posted much lately, I’m too behind in my schedules 😦

However, here are a meme which I got from Lowdenclear. (Thanks for tagging me)

If you could invite your five favorite saints to dinner, what would you serve them to eat, and why?

St Joakim, Father of Mary, are very welcome to join me for a dinner. Since we both are fathers I guess beer and sandwiches would be appreciated. Some good soccer on the television and let him just enjoy some earthly goods. I’d choose Staropramen, a light Czech lager together with “Sillamackor”, sandwiches with Swedish herring, coarse rye bread with lots of butter and different kinds of pickled herring and nice toppings.


St Barnabas, my patron saint, travelled a lot so I guess he would be tired and hungry and I would serve him something more heavy, like fried pork with onion cream sause, boiled potatoes and peas. A big glass of milk goes well together with that.

Stekt fläsk med löksåsMjölk

St Bernadette wouldn’t want anything to posh, so I’ll think she would enjoy ham with boiled potatoes and Mimosa salad. I really think she would deserve a treat though… Perhaps I could sneak in some avocados filled with “Skagenröra”, a salad of shrimps, mayonnaise and dill, as a starter? Maybe chocolate for dessert? A nice German Riesling for the salad and a glass of tawny port for the chocolate?


St Birgitta of Sweden enjoyed a good meal and was used to have large fancy dinners with kings and nobels, but she also had a wurm for simplicity and plainness: Boiled knuckles of pig, with mashed turnips and “Skånsk senap”, a roughly grained sweet mustard from Scania in the south of Sweden. A nice Swedish dish that perhaps would remind her of home. A bottle of the Swedish beer Carnegie Porter, would be nice to drink.

Fläsklägg med rotmosCarnegie Porter

I’ll guess I have to wait awhile until John Paul II recieves his sainthood, but then I would prepare a nice Pasta dish for him with a nice glass of wine. Pasta is quick and easy to make, and I wouldn’t want to stand in the kitchen cooking when I had such a great visitor. I much rather sit and listen to him. Perhaps Pasta Puttanesca and a bottle of Casillero Del Diablo would be a good conversation starter. 😉

Puttanesca rödtjut

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My son is practicing to say: Wo ist hier ein Internet café?
I’m practicing to say: Können sie eine Kneipe?

Why? We are going to Berlin next week!!!

Anyone got any tips on interesting things to see?

Cardinal John Henry Newman

God, our father, your servant John Henry Newman
upheld the faith by his teaching and example.
May his loyalty to Christ and the Church,
his love for the Immaculate Mother of God,
and his compassion for the perplexed give guidance
to Christian people today.


We beg you to grant the favors we ask through his intercession
so that his holiness may be recognized by all
and the Church may proclaim him a Saint.


We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Prayer to obtain the beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman composed by Archbishop G. P. Dwyer of Birmingham, England.

You can find Cardinal Newmans books and articles here: The Newman reader

This article is written by Newmans biographist Father Ian Ker:
The Mind of Newman

Two articles from The Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Modern Western Theology written by Derek Michaud and Philip N. LaFountain on Newman as a theologian.
Biography, Context and Theology and Biographical Sketch

On Wikipedia you can find this articles:
John Henry Newman and The Oxford Movement

John Beaumont has written this explanatory article about Newmans view on the Church:
Cardinal Newman on the Church: A Guide for the Perplexed.