Last week a joined a pilgrimage to Turku in Finland. We walked on the old medieval “Kings road” and prayed for the canonization of Blessed Hemming.


Praying the Rosary along the way:

The Pilgrims Rosary

Finland is really beautiful and embedded in lush verdure:

Abandoned trainstation

The interior from church of Perniö (fifteen century):

Pietà from the fourteenth century at the church of Pohja. Some of the original red color is still visible:

The beautiful staff was a gift from John Paul II:

The Cross

The last day we had dinner at the Bridgettines, (Price: one prayer) Then we visited The relics of blessed Hemming.

Pilgrims in front of the shrine. I’m on the left side, looking very very tired. 😉


You can read more about Blessed hemming in here.