Jach Nicholson from The Shining
All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy

I’m taking a course in C#-programming but the only thing I learned so far is that this is not what I am meant to do. To me programming is like doing a puzzle: It really doesn’t leave much place for creativity, it’s no poetry in it. It’s not art or even science. It doesn’t evolve freely.

I really need room for my own thoughts and not just trying to learn what others have done so much better. I think that this in itself is a great lesson for me. I should study things that are meaningful to me.

Well, I made a bad choice in taking this course, but I still have to ride it through: Now for a week there is just hard work. Hard work and no fun. I kind of feel like Jack Torrence in the Shining: His novel consisted of a one liner repeated page after page, chapter after chapter, over and over again: All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy. I still got a few pages like that to write.

I rather study theology

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