I just remembered a recipe which is perfect for a romantic evening. It’s very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Instead you can spend time with your friend.


Select a big globe artichoke. Cut of the stem as close to the globe as you can. Remove discolored buds. Boil the artichoke with some slices of lemon in salted water until the buds easily come off (about 45 minutes depending on size).

Serve the whole artichoke on one plate. You’re not going to eat the garnish so be creative. Sprinkle with a dash of lemon juice. Dim the lights.

When you eat, you break off the buds and eat with your fingers. Just dip the buds in butter and suck out the pulp. It’s truly delicious.

It’s perfect as a romantic dinner – with a glass of white wine, by candlelight and J.J. Cale on the stereo!