La Strada by Fellini

I’ve been tagged by Ginny for another meme: Fav movies and 21 words that describe me.

The interesting thing about meme’s is that you get to know peculiar things about your friends and you get to know them a little better. So it is much more interesting to read meme’s by people you already know. If Orvar Smussenhyssen likes to read Jackie Collins or not, is only interesting if you know who he is. So when it comes to tagging friends for memes one should tag people who everybody knows, but before anyone else tagged them.

I found such a blogger.

Then of course it’s important to show off how many friends you have that nobody else knows, but you know are very likeable. This is a tricky part, because those who read your blog tends to get to know each another. And those of your friends who doesn’t read your blog, will probably never know they’ve been tagged.

Well I found a blogger who doesn’t read my blog but still responded to my tag!

And then it is also important not to forget anybody. I know of at least one poor woman who is just dying to get to mention her favorite books, but no one tags her. Imagine the agony this poor woman has to cope!!!!

Here are ten of my fav movies. Listed in no order:

1. Life of Brian by Monty Python. If I weren’t Christian I would have been a Brianic
2. The Meaning of life by Monty Python, because the wonderful scene with a lot of catholic kids singing. 🙂
3. La strada by Fellini
4. Intervista (and almost all other films by Fellini)
5. Rocky by Stallone. (Cause he’s so cool)
6. The African queen, by Huston
7. Mirror by Andrei Tarkovsky.
8 The Passion of Christ, by Gibson
9. Romantic Comedies. They are all good on certain occasions.
10 …. Ok. I got a good but very short memory. I can’t remember any more titles right now. Sorry.

And 21 words (“&” doesn’t count as a word, does it?) that describes me:

More kind & considerate than I appear in real life. Doesn’t dwell. Chooses my own way, even if others chose the same.

So after much consideration here are the perfect tags: I tag Gypsy (and if she want’s this is a tag for the book meme as well: Gypsy#2) 😉 And then my good friend Leah, who was so kind to respond on the last meme.

Now I have to return to my studies. I have a big exam on Saturday. 😦