The Good Soldier Švejk

The Good Soldier Švejk

Well I have been tagged by Paula for some book recommendations. There was some really interesting literature there. I mostly appreciate litterature that makes the most of the language. Sadly this means that most of it can’t really be translated to other language’s. Well, here is my attempt, anyhow:

Three non-fiction books everyone should read:
The faith explained, by Leo J Trese A wonderful book, with extensive, in depth, explanations of the Catholic faith. It explain in a very pedagogic manner topics such as Grace, the Trinity, the Creation and so on and so forth. The Nineteenth century Sonnet by Joseph Phelan A detailed account of the revival of the sonnet during the Victorian epoch. Scholasticism by Josef Pieper A great introduction for us that do not know to much about the Scholastic thinkers.

Three works of fiction that everyone should read:
Poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins Because they are divine. The Christmas Oratorio by Göran Tunström A good reading tip for those interested in Sweden. A very poetic book. The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek Because it makes you smile.

Three authors everyone should read:
August Strindberg. His prose is as interesting as his plays. The book black banners is a settlement with the cultural elite of his time, but it works just as fine today. Franz Kafka. Because even despair can be funny. Gunnar Björlin Well you would have to learn Swedish to read this author – but it’s totally worth it! 😉

Three books that nobody should read:
There are to many of them, but Sara Lidman, a famous Swedish author once gave me this tip on how to determine if you should read a book or not: Open the book in three places and read three lines at each place. Two out of three got to be interesting if the book should be worth the effort. – Than she picked up her then latest book, the stone of Nabot, and tried it. First she didn’t pass it, and then she gave her a second chance and passed the test.

So I tag the following bloggers, if you do find the time that is: Marie and Ginny, Leah, Therese, Zach, and all the ladies at dcf ladies blogring