I’m supposed to be really high tech, I know things and stuff about ubiquitous computing, about transfer protocols and computer and software standards…

But I’m still puzzled by the simplest things, like making friends all over the world from just the push of a button and a common faith. I can talk to people in Australia, US, Europe, Asia.

Isn’t that really strange?

I can sit here in my rented apartment in Gubbängen outside of Stockholm and write this and people thousands of miles away can see it. In a matter of seconds.

I have never traveled a lot, the few times I did I’m just overwhelmed by the fact that all these people doesn’t live in Sweden. They don’t even speak Swedish.

On a Catholic forum I’m a member of (DCF) there’s this young Australian girl, who write long posts in English. When I was at her age all I could say was: “A cat, a dog, a lot of birds” (but I could say that phrase really really well -I even knew what most of it meant.)

I know it’s silly. I know that of course she can speak English because that is her language. I know most people in the world are brought up in a different culture than I was. I know living in Texas isn’t that exotic if you were raised there. But still, I’m such a child, it amazes me.

Now with the Internet and all, I meet people each and every day. My last acquaintance is a woman, Paula, from Germany (She speaks German!!! You know, they do that in Germany, amazing) who kindly welcomed me to the blog community. She has two blogs (in English) here at wordpress.com, an important blog about the Victims of the Romanian Gulag. Please pray for all of those who suffered from the communist regime and especially those who died.

Her other blog is a very poetic one with beautiful pictures. It’s called Receiving Light. Pay a visit, you will like it.