The faith doesn’t seem to affect some people’s lives that much. It surely didn’t used to affect mine. In crisis for instance God can be a great comfort, but many of us seem to think that the teaching of Jesus is like a laid out buffet:

“I’ll have the eternal life, without the third, the sixth and the tenth commandment. Skip that needle eye and give me a packacge of Camel.

Without filters.”

Jesus didn’t lose up the commandments. He sharpened them. I do not believe in Christianity as some form of smörgåsbord, where you can pick and choose. The Church is a package deal: Either you take the whole shaboom, or you don’t. It’s either or.

These very rules are guarded and interpreted by the Church, which he founded upon his disciple Simon Peter.

I believe the teaching of Christ is guarded by St. Peter, and his followers in the holy chair at the Vatican, therefore it is important that all Christians unite under this banner. Not under personal interpretations of Ulf Ekman’s in the “Word of Life” or the “Bride of Christ’s” in the sect of Knutby.

His Church is a living Church. You can’t only trust your own interpretations. If this was the meaning, Jesus would have written a book instead of teaching his disciples. The keys to the kingdom is in the hand of his living Church, ever since that day he gave them to St. Peter, who later settled down in Rome and then on his death, passed them down unto his successors.

When Jesus Christ instituted the Church, the Bible was not written yet. It is clearly by the authority of the Church and the Holy tradition his teachings are meant to be upheld. The Bible was put together in this tradition and should be interpreted through this tradition.

Either you believe in Jesus Christ or you don’t. If you do, there is no middle way: Et Unam, Sanctam, Cathólicam et Apostólicam Ecclésiam**. It all comes down to the Cathedra Petri, the Chair of Saint Peter. To acknowledge this will lead you to heaven.